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Trisul Solution - Consulting & Outsourcing Services

Postby ramon » Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:37 pm

risul Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is an employee-owned consulting company offering business and strategy advisory, transformation programs, solutions integration, technological applications maintenance and outsourcing services and products as they arise in the constantly shifting economic, market and technological landscape.

We have developed a methodology called COM (Corporate Methods), which encompasses the experiences gained in projects carried out. COM transforms these experiences into easily applicable methods, which allow us to provide the most appropriate solutions to our clients.

Our consulting firm works within the Banking, Consumer Goods and Retail, Mining, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Manufacturing, Public Administration, Telecommunications and Tourism sectors.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offers organisations the benefits for being able to focus in-house talent and resources on higher value and strategic activities while outsourcing more operational functions.

The outsourcing unit is a business line offering applications, infrastructure management services and products whose most important task is to assure the ability of our clients to comply with their business objectives at a highly competitive cost.

Our consulting service unit comprises highly-specialised areas of business strategy. These generate a frame of reference in the market, offering high added value to our clients through our expert teams.

Trisul Solutions (Pty) Ltd. makes it possible for clients to simplify business requirements without losing depth, therefore allowing these organisations to concentrate more of their energy on business objectives.

Trisul Solutions (Pty) Ltd. is designed to addresses various business needs and services, including:

Food and Beverage Supplies (Energy Drinks / Meals, Bottled Water)
Computer Technology / IT services (Sales And Support)
Customer Service
Fleet Management & Maintenance
Distribution Management
Financial Management
Business Rescue Services And Support
Manufacturing Management
Order Management
Product Design
Production Management
Standards & Conformance

To find out more about how Trisul Solutions (Pty) Ltd. can address your business needs, please contact them on 083 786 4915 or email

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