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Shre Puja Shop - Online Puja Shop

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:01 am
by ramon
Shree Puja Shop is an online spiritual store established with the aim to provide you with a wide range of religious products and services.

we strive to provide every possible solution to you in terms of religious products and services. Whether you wish to order online, buy puja kits or purchase accessories, at a click of a button this religious store will cater for all your spiritual requirements bringing absolute solace in your life with the best in Spices, Puja Goods, Murties, Paan, Ghee, Vedic Astrology or even donate to the building of a temple in Randburg .

Feel free to visit our store 24/7 and go through the online product catalogue, or
Sms • WhatsApp • Call: 081 716 1856